Saturday, 24 December 2011


For all those people who have been following Terrence Williams, (better known as Stress Dollaz) making music hasn’t been a career; it has been part of his daily life. The World’s individuals are enthusiastic about this new single entitled “Bang Bang” which is being distributed by 50/50 KonvictMuzik and Rotten Apple Entertainment. The haters feel self-conscious by witnessing “Bang Bang” being the talk of Twitter. The awareness of the new single is slowly escalating due to the extraordinary number of rotations on the radio stations.

The producer, Moe Ager has blessed Stress Dollaz with a Southern beat that goes together impeccably with the East Coast flow. Moe Ager has a variety of production credits for Singles, and this is certainly one of them. The worldwide release of this Single, is on January 3rd at ITunes. Expect to hear this record out on the Konvict tour in the first Half of the next year.

According to the COO and Head A&R of 50/50 KonvictMuzik, D-teck has included to say “I think Bang Bang has the potential to stamp our name all over the clubs and with that southern flavour beat. In addition, I know the south going to love it.The producer Moe Ager definitely knew where he was going with that beat and stress brought it all out”

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